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Mosquito Control in Annapolis

Mosquito treatment that works being applied by one of our Mosquito Squad techs

Nobody enjoys the buzzing of mosquitoes or the itchy discomfort and potential illness caused by their bites. A mosquito infestation can prevent customers from using your business’s outdoor space and prevent your family from enjoying your yard, patio, or garden. Let Mosquito Squad of Annapolis help you.

Traditional Mosquito Protection

Since 2010, we’ve provided the residents of Annapolis and the surrounding area with the best mosquito protection available. Our most popular service is our traditional protective barrier treatment, which eliminates and repels mosquitoes for up to 21 days. Our technicians strategically treat areas where mosquitos are most likely to lay eggs, effectively keeping those eggs from hatching and eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact.

We also offer an automatic misting system that we install, maintain, and refill all-season long so you don’t have to think about mosquitoes again.

All-Natural Mosquito Control

While our traditional protective barrier treatment—if applied every 21 days—has proven to be the most effective method of protection, we also offer an all-natural alternative. This solution uses essential oils and is applied every 14 days. It’s a popular choice for an increasing number of allergy sufferers. It’s slight botanical fragrance dissipates within just a few hours and, like our traditional treatment, dries after 30 minutes. Once dry, your children and pets can return to your yard, care-free.

Pride and Professionalism

At Mosquito Squad of Annapolis, we treat you and your property with the utmost respect from the first phone call. You will always receive a phone call from us in advance of a regular application. Also, we’re proud to say that we’ve earned a level of trust with our customers that allows us to treat their yards while they’re away from home, making our services convenient and easy.

We believe in our product so much that we guarantee 100% satisfaction or your next treatment is on us!


The local community of Annapolis is our top priority. We are committed to making it safer and more enjoyable for its residents. We take pride in our contribution to helping eradicate mosquito-borne illnesses and enabling families to enjoy the beauty and benefits of their own backyard, one treatment at a time.

Whether you need year-round protection or have a special upcoming outdoor event, give us a call at (877) 667-0823 for a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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