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Special Event Treatment in Annapolis

Outdoor event table - don't let your outdoor event be taken over by mosquitoes

Are you planning an outdoor party or special event? Make sure it’s not ruined by mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Turn to Mosquito Squad of Annapolis for proven, effective mosquito, tick, and other biting bug control for all your outdoor gatherings.

Plan With Confidence

When warm weather hits, Annapolis residents love to enjoy the outdoors in our beautiful city. From barbeques and house warmings to wedding receptions and graduation celebrations, special events are made more special in a spectacular outdoor setting. But when planning an event outdoors, it’s important to consider all details that come with hosting your event outside. For example, Maryland is home to 59 mosquito species and a large group of people can attract a number of these pesky insects to you venue.

Don’t run yourself ragged planning every other detail, then forget about pest control. Swatting at mosquitoes and gnats or picking off ticks can quickly dampen the enjoyment of any outdoor gathering. Our special event mosquito treatment can help eliminate these annoyances and help your guests get back to what’s important.

Pest Treatment, Protection, and Prevention that Works

Our Mosquito Squad consultants are equipped and prepared to discuss all your special events pest control requirements. We first obtain pertinent information from you about your upcoming event and venue to determine how best to serve your pest control needs before and during your gathering.

We then schedule a time to apply our barrier treatment between 24 and 72 hours prior to your outdoor event. We are happy to accommodate your scheduling to ensure convenience for you and any pre-event set-up activities.

Professional Services

When our professional team arrives, we perform a thorough inspection of the property to ensure optimum treatment for the most effective prevention and protection from mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and other annoying bugs. We then apply our treatment to your perimeter and the non-blooming foliage at your venue with a focus on all mosquito resting sites and breeding areas.

This time-released treatment will keep your venue stay mosquito-free for the duration of your party or gathering. We deliver a 90 to 95 percent efficacy rate with our traditional treatment to control flying pests at your event.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Annapolis to discuss mosquito and flying pest control treatment for your next special event and learn why we have a 99% satisfaction rate.

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